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Why is a 28-Year-Old Company Celebrating 15 Great Years?

Today, when you ask about Usherpa, you’ll learn that we’re the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use marketing and CRM platform backed by gold-standard customer support and robust training. But that’s only half of the story.

Years before we were known as Usherpa, we were Media Center and part of the second largest retail mortgage company in the country at the time. Our founders, Dan and Chris Harrington worked in the mortgage industry. 

Dan was a loan officer back in the early 1990s. He made a good living and worked his way through a number of downturns that sent others scurrying from the business. He was able to succeed where others couldn’t because he knew a thing or two about marketing.

It wasn’t long before he realized he needed help. A few years earlier he had been working with a bright loan processor by the name of Chris Harris. She had quickly moved up in the company and was at that time assigned to process loans for one of the top 5 loan originators in the country.

Dan knew how well Chris knew the mortgage business, but what really excited him was that she had returned to school and studied IT. He began lobbying the company to put her back on his team.

Eventually, he got her back in 1995 and for more than 13 years they worked together to grow The Media Center. 

Then, the crash!

In the face of the historic financial crisis, 15 years ago, the lender they both worked for closed its doors and Usherpa was born. Today, we celebrate a company that was “Born in a Branch; Forged in a Meltdown.”

Our tools have evolved over the years. Today, we provide the industry’s only Customer Relationship Engagement Platform that offers Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents the power to build and maintain relationships with prospects, past customers, and business partners, resulting in increased repeat and referral business. 

Our Smart CRM is the industry’s most sophisticated, cloud-based CRM/Marketing Automation system in existence and it’s helped thousands of Loan Officers stay connected with partners and clients, helping hundreds of thousands of borrowers fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

So, we are a 15-year-old company with a 28-year-tradition of marketing excellence specifically developed for your industry. We are ready to help you:


Think of it as our birthday present to you. Celebrate with us today and contact us to find out how we can help your team be more successful in 2023.