SmartCRM technology

THAT keeps you organized and connected to your relationships with minimum effort and maximum return.

You know you could close more deals if you stayed in touch with your network. But, you simply don’t have the time. There are only so many calls and emails you can fit into your busy week.

Meet Usherpa. Usherpa analyzes your database and sets up automated and highly targeted marketing campaigns. Our Relationship Engagement Platform technology not only keeps track of all your relationships but also analyzes the data, presenting you with new opportunities.

So that every morning, instead of wondering where to begin, you can start the day with a clear action plan and never miss a deal again.


Automate & Grow

Never stress for your success! Usherpa’s intuitive Relationship Engagement Platform and robust CRM presents opportunities in an easy-to-use format.


Deploy Data Intelligence

Your database contains opportunities just waiting to be found. Usherpa uses Authentic Intelligence to comb your database in real-time and serves up notifications daily.


Become A Thought Leader

By building relationships based on trust, your network is your biggest asset. With Usherpa, you’ll build your personal brand and become recognized as the go-to mortgage expert they continue to do business with again and again.


Build A Referral Machine

Usherpa helps you build your non-stop referral machine that performs regardless of market conditions.

Usherpa is the secret to my success. I would not have made it 23 years in the mortgage industry without a good, but very simple CRM. There are other options, but I have found most others to be way too confusing and a CRM is just not effective if you do not use it! The Usherpa CRM does everything that I need it to do and more! Also the support is great…they are like a family, very helpful and they care about your success!

Richard V. | Grand Rapids, MI

Grateful is not a big enough word to describe how much Usherpa has meant to my business. We have grown together for over 20 years and I would not change a thing. Your system is FANTASTIC! It is a breeze to work in and very much runs on auto-pilot. Your Team is quick and ready to help no matter the request. Thank You, Thank You for all you do!

Lana W. | Raleigh, NC


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We believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers. Customer service is the core our platform, so we value the importance of connecting with a live person to help answer any questions and provide training and support in a variety of channels (email, chat, phone, and on-demand resources). Our goal is to know each of our clients by first name, and this is one of the reasons we have had clients for decades.

Intuitive & Smart CRM

● Capture, track and analyze your data
● Create task workflows
● Set up individual and team reminders
● Get hot opportunity alerts
● Mobile app keeps you up-to-date on the go with tasks and opportunities

Done-For-You Automated Marketing

● Crafted and written by industry pros
● Higher than industry average open rates
● Usherpa’s algorithms set up your campaigns (no manual effort needed!)
● Choose between dozens of automated marketing campaigns for different stages of the customer experience
● Customize campaigns to fit your business style and brand
● Ensure compliance with built-in reviews
● Send custom emails and even direct mail with one click
● Stay connected to your business partners



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Working with the best in the industry

After 4 years with Usherpa my referrals have gone through the roof. I would say referrals are now 70% of my business – there’s no way I’d have them without Usherpa keeping me connected.

Carol M. | Dallas, TX

Usherpa is instrumental in helping me recruit LO’s for my branch. I’ve grown my branch from 4 LO’s to 17 in the past year – Usherpa works!

Connie W. | Kirkland, WA


* Usherpa data is from 2,541 users at 38 companies over same 12 month period.

** STRATMOR created and launched the Originator Census Survey. The latest set of results cover activity for 18 Independents and 15 Bank Owned or Affiliated mortgage companies – a total of 33 organizations.

The census collected information for 14,444 originators from companies with under 100 LOs to those with over 1,000.

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Usherpa is ranked #1 is Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty 

Award Winning Customer Satisfaction

After joining Usherpa I’m hearing from Realtors I haven’t talked to in years – I would say Usherpa brings in 2-3 deals a month.

Karen S. | Jacksonville, FL

I took a look at my last year’s production numbers and I attribute 38 loans to Usherpa. Thank you guys and keep up the excellent work!

David J. | Washington, D.C.