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“ I've been a Usherpa member since 2003. Usherpa is responsible for probably half of my income. I'll be a member until I retire. It's a no-brainer! ”

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“ Usherpa is a priceless partner. I'm extremely picky about content my network gets in my name. Theirs is top-notch and gets results! ”

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Want to Network Online? Get Comfortable

Want to Network Online? Get ComfortableFor some people, communicating online is as natural as breathing. They spend their day tethered to Twitter and Facebook, they check their inbox constantly, and they’re more likely to get in touch with someone via direct message or email than via phone. For thes...

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Why Does Networking Feel Gross? Image

Why Does Networking Feel Gross?

Even the word “networking” can make people feel uncomfortable. It brings to mind the idea of using the people around you for personal gain — something most people don’t want to do, and certainly don’t want done to them. But if networking makes you feel insincere, it’s probably because you’re doing i...

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The Secret to Winning Over Prospects Image

The Secret to Winning Over Prospects

Are you sitting down? Here’s a fact that might blow your mind: People don’t buy the best product. In fact, most people aren’t even really capable of determining which product is the best! That doesn’t mean that it’s not important to provide a great product — but it does mean that the quality of your...

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