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Usherpa, 28-Year-Old Firm, Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Founded in 1995 but rebranded as Usherpa in 2008, the firm celebrates.

DENVER, October 2, 2023 — Usherpa, the real estate and mortgage industry’s original enterprise CRM technology that was “born in a branch and forged in a meltdown”, is kicking off its 15th anniversary with a packed schedule of events in throughout 2023 to celebrate with its customers, many of whom have been with the company for the entire 15 years.

“While we’re still considered an industry best-kept secret by many, there are people who have been using our CRM for longer than 15 years who are now wondering how this can be only our 15th anniversary,” said Usherpa President Chris Harrington. “When we started out, we were part of one of the nation’s largest consumer direct mortgage lenders in 1995. Today, we’re the largest privately held SmartCRM and automated marketing platform in both the mortgage and real estate sales industries and we’re working with more lenders than ever. It’s something to celebrate.”

Usherpa’s Smart CRM Relationship Engagement Platform has maintained an unmatched loyalty and longevity. Many members have been with the company for no less than a decade (and in some cases, over twenty years). Among new members, Usherpa maintains a retention rate over 90% at the 90-day mark.

The reasons for this are well documented. Studies performed by Usherpa’s lender clients have shown that users double their production, converting 46% more prospects and increasing repeat business by 57%, year-over-year. In addition, the company’s SmartScore technology finds past customers in LO portfolios that have a 360% greater likelihood of refinancing and a 297% greater chance of applying for a new purchase mortgage.

Beyond that, Usherpa’s platform includes powerful in-process marketing tools that serve to keep borrowers engaged during the origination process, reducing loan fallout significantly.

“Our story isn’t over, it’s just getting started,” Harrington said. “Today, thousands of loan officers across the industry are suffering because the easy refinance business is gone and home sales are down. They may be thinking that new business can’t be found, but they would be wrong. New business is available in any market, even the one we’re experiencing now. You need a Smart CRM and a good process to find it. We offer both.”

Usherpa’s marketing automation was named to the prestigious HousingWire 2021, 2022 and 2023 Tech100 lists. Usherpa was the only company in 2021 to make both real estate and mortgage lending lists, a feat it repeated in 2023. Usherpa’s Smart CRM software has helped thousands of loan officers stay connected with partners and clients over the past 28+ years. Find out more by visiting the company online.

About Usherpa

Founded in 1995 as Media Center LLC at the second largest retail mortgage company in the country, Usherpa was born in 2008, and this year celebrates 15 years of success. Thus, the company was “born in a branch; forged in a meltdown.” Usherpa offers a powerful, easy-to-use marketing and SmartCRM platform backed by gold-standard customer support and robust training. Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents using this Smart CRM have the power of the industry’s first fully automated Customer Relationship Engagement Platform and are empowered to build and maintain relationships with prospects, past customers, and business partners, resulting in increased repeat and referral business. Visit to learn more.