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Usherpa Blog - What’s Changing now in Mortgage Marketing

10/21/2022 - by Chris Harrington in Inside Lending
If the only constant is change, the best question we can ask is, “What is changing now?” When it comes to marketing new mortgage loans, the answer is just about everything.

Our president Chris Harrington sat down to discuss this topic not long ago with The CE Shop Team. They had a great conversation that you can find online here.

During part of the conversation, Chris talked about the real estate industry tech trends she has had on her radar this year. For many, it is all about adding innovative marketing technologies in pursuit of an omnichannel strategy.

“Mortgage and real estate professionals have gained many options beyond direct mail, phone calls, and faxes," she explained.

From blast-faxing in 1995 to direct mails, emails, and phone calls in the recent past to answering queries and sharing property details via social media, texts, videos, AI chatbots, or even WhatsApp marketing, there have been many changes in how today's real estate professional and mortgage loan officers are expected to communicate.

These newer ways of multi-channel marketing enhance the opportunities for market reach, customer engagement, and the chances of conversion. And the technological solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are helping the industry understand the buyer's needs better and offer customized services.

Yet, she pointed out, “The only thing that has not changed is the importance of relationships in the real estate and mortgage industries. Relationships still exist, and they are critical. But the ability to stay in touch and engage the people who know you, work with you, and are likely to collaborate with you again has gotten easier.”

Do you agree that the ways of communication have changed? Not just in your personal life but even when you are talking to your prospective homebuyer. To read about the other tech trends that are shaping the future of the real estate industry, check out the entire interview on The CE Shop online here.

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