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Lots of people have bucket lists — but how many people only have one item on that list? Usherpa’s president and co-founder Chris Harrington’s father, Charles Eaton, is one of those people. As a 76-year-old United States Navy veteran, Charlie has lived his bucket list. These days, he only has one goal he hasn’t met: To climb a fourteener.

#TakeThatMountain Intro

Taking Mount Bierstadt

A fourteener is any of the 96 United States mountain peaks with an elevation of 14,000 feet or more. More than half of those peaks are located in Colorado, making them a popular goal for local hikers and climbers. When Chris learned that Charlie wanted to summit one of these giants, she knew he’d need support.

Little did Charlie know, he’d be getting more support than he’d bargained for! It’s not just Chris who will be accompanying him on the climb. Instead, dozens of Usherpa team members and their friends and partners will be strapping on their backpacks for the adventure.

The goal: Mount Bierstadt, which stands at a towering 14,065 feet. The seven mile trek will cover over 2,800 feet of elevation gain.

Usherpa team members will get the day off work for the climb, as well as a brand new pair of hiking boots if they don’t have a set of their own. Together, Charlie and the Usherpa team will push their limits and tackle one of the most challenging outdoor achievements the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer. We’re ready to #takethatmountain!

What’s Your Mountain?

We all have goals that can seem insurmountable, goals that we leave on our “someday” lists instead of moving them onto our “to do” lists. Next month, Charlie is going to get to strike that last item off his bucket list and finally take that mountain. What mountain are you ready to take? Use the hashtag #takethatmountain on social media to tell us what your mountain is — and how you’re planning to take it!
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