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7/25/2018 - by Paul Harrington in Company News


Together, These Two Powerhouse Services Offer Customers Even More

DENVER, July 25, 2018 -- This week, Usherpa has announced a brand new partnership with Sales Boomerang. Through a combination of Usherpa’s easy-to-use, highly automated marketing and CRM platform and Sales Boomerang’s powerful borrower intelligence service, customers of both companies will find it easier than ever to connect with leads at precisely the right time.

Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents are already using the Usherpa CRM to keep tabs on all of their contacts, and Usherpa’s automated marketing features make it easy to stay in touch with those contacts. Now, customers can also put the power of Sales Boomerang’s data mining to work. With this integration, these two powerhouse services can work in tandem to recapture lost leads. Sales Boomerang can track unqualified leads, enabling Usherpa to contact them if they later become qualified. Sales Boomerang can identify potential repeat customers, so that Usherpa can reach out to recapture their business. Sales Boomerang identifies when customers are in need — so that Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents can be ready to provide.

The real estate market is cutthroat, and every real estate professional needs to be on top of their game to prevent their leads from closing with their competitors. High-powered, integrated tools like Usherpa and Sales Boomerang can provide the competitive edge necessary to pull ahead of the pack.

“We are so excited about our partnership with Usherpa,” said Alex Kutsishin, CEO of Sales Boomerang. “It is a perfect marriage of services, and the Usherpa team is dedicated to making the experience for their lender clients the best experience possible. Plus, the interface they created for Sales Boomerang notifications isawesome!”

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Usherpa has been serving the mortgage and real estate industry since 1995 with a powerful, easy-to-use marketing and CRM platform. This effortless, fully-automated CRM makes it easy and painless for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents to build and maintain relationships with prospects, past customers, and business partners.


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