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9/21/2021 - by Chris Harrington in Company News

New integration offers streamlined workflow and fully compliance for LOs

SaaS platforms Covideo and Usherpa have collaborated on an integration that allows shared users to record and send videos to partners, leads and clients within the CRM.

Usherpa, a relationship engagement platform, offers mortgage professionals a SmartCRM™ and marketing automation system in one. Covideo, a video messaging platform, allows loan officers to record, send and track videos for loan process milestone events, messages to real estate partners, happy birthday messages, and more.

“Both Covideo and Usherpa share a focus on personalized, engaging content,” said Covideo CEO, Jason Price. “That alignment of shared values is ultimately what made us so excited to partner with them.”

Through the native integration, loan officers can use Covideo directly within Usherpa’s platform, allowing them to “streamline their workflows and optimize output,” said Price.

Perhaps most importantly, loan officers are able to do so in a setting that adheres to strict compliance guidelines. Once a video is recorded, it is sent to a compliance officer for review and approval or, if denied, feedback on how it should be changed.

“Compliance is an important, but often challenging part of every loan officer’s day-to-day tasks,” said Chris Harrington, President and co-founder of Usherpa. “We know what a powerful tool video can be and we want to offer it to our users in a way that makes it as easy as possible for them to achieve their goals in complete compliance. This partnership makes that possible.”

The free integration is now live for Usherpa and Covideo users.

About Covideo

Covideo is a market leader in video messaging, used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Through Covideo, users can record, send and track videos across a variety of channels allowing them to build relationships and convert leads into customers. With an emphasis on personalization and personal connection, Covideo is helping people reimagine business communication. Visit covideo.com for more information.

About Usherpa

Usherpa has been serving the mortgage and real estate industry since 1995, when it was founded as Media Center. The company offers a powerful, easy-to-use marketing and CRM platform backed by gold-standard customer support and robust training to help Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents make the most of its effortless, fully-automated CRM. Usherpa users are empowered to build and maintain relationships with prospects, past customers, and business partners, resulting in increased repeat and referral business. Visit usherpa.com to learn more.

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