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Usherpa Blog - Make Your Smartphone a Tool, Not a Distraction

Having a computer in the palm of your hand can be an incredible productivity tool, but too often it just becomes a tool for watching cat videos. Luckily, there are a few quick ways to make sure your smartphone can offer all of its benefits without simultaneously offering a dozen distractions.

Ditch the push notifications. Push notifications used to be for your benefit, but nowadays they’re mainly used by apps to clamor for your attention. When was the last time a Groupon notification did you a favor? Try shutting off all your notifications besides texts and calls. Chances are you won’t miss them — and you’ll find it much easier to stay focused.

Take advantage of airplane mode. It only takes a second to enable airplane mode, which disconnects you but lets you access apps. This is perfect for those times when you need to buckle down, but may still need your calculator or calendar.

Hide social media apps on page two. If those little red dots that signify unread notifications drive you nuts, get them out of your sight. Keeping your social media apps off your phone’s main screen makes it easier to ignore them when you’re supposed to be working.

Remember, your phone is supposed to work for you! Make sure it’s helping, not hurting your productivity.

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