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Usherpa Blog - An easy (and obvious) time saving trick

You’re a busy person, and keeping track of your obligations can be a challenge. Constant notifications, information, and noise make it easy to get distracted and lose time.  Here's an old school and simple method that will help you stay organized and focused.  

Keep it simple, start each day with a to-do list. The to-do list is a staple of any productivity plan. But they have a dark secret: They don’t work.

You write a to-do list with the best of intentions. But at the end of the day, you’ve done three out of ten tasks and two things that weren’t on the list at all. The good news is, the to-do list itself isn’t the problem — it’s how you’re using it. There’s a right way to write a to-do list, and if you implement it into your process, you’ll save time and boost productivity.

The secret seems obvious, but somehow most of us never think of it: Your to-do list should only contain tasks that you can complete. When you write a list of every obligation and tackle it with a “do as much as possible” mentality, you might as well not write a list at all. You aren’t prioritizing, and you can cherry-pick which tasks you want to work on, instead of doing the tasks that are most important.

Instead, make sure your list only includes the tasks you can reasonably complete that day. Then, start at the beginning and complete them all. In short, your to-do list should only contain tasks you intend to do. Wild!

Wanna know another time-saving secret? We send you your daily to-do list every morning, it’s called Daily Radar. Yep, just another way Usherpa saves you time!

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