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Usherpa Blog - 4 Ways Mega-Producing LOs Use the Phone

Ever wonder which calls big producers choose to make? You know how busy they are, so who do they call and how do they remember? Here are 4 ways mega producers use the phone. (The secret is, they use “Call Settings” in the Media Center!)

1. They call their customers after closing. Top producers don’t forget to call their clients 30-45 days after they close their loan. This simple but effective call reinforces the relationship between you and the borrower and makes them very likely to refer you to someone they know and eventually close another loan with you. Their Media Center automates this for them so they never have to remember.

2. They call their Hot Prospects during the home search. Big producers know that buyers can look elsewhere to finance their home if they don’t personally reach out to them. They know that contacting buyers on Mondays after a weekend of searching for homes is the best time to reach out to them. Their Media Center reminds them to call these hot prospects every Monday so they don’t forget.

3. They call their top Realtors consistently. Mega producing LOs have a small group of top Realtors they make sure to stay in contact with consistently to keep all the referrals coming their way. They use the Media Center to organize the Realtors in groups and automate call reminders so their partners never feel out of touch.

4. They call customers on their birthday. Top producers make their sphere of influence feel special by personally reaching out to customers on their birthday. They use the Media Center’s Daily Radar email to call their contacts directly from their phone, it’s easy.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to set up your Usherpa to help you make the calls the top producers in the industry make!

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