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Usherpa Blog - 3 ways you can build better relationships and get more leads

Sometimes a customer comes to you knowing exactly what they need. Bam, transaction complete! Unfortunately, you’re more likely to encounter someone at the wrong time — and making sure they remember you when the right time comes along can be a challenge. Here are three essential steps to building relationship-based leads and creating long-term loyalty… and future sales. 

Be authentic. We trust people we can relate to. That’s why showing your leads that you’re just like them can be the key to connection. This means ditching the marketing jargon and getting a little personal. You’re selling to people — and people like people!

Build trust. When it comes to money, nobody wants to take a risk. It’s imperative that leads see you as trustworthy and qualified if you want them to put their faith in you. One way to do this is to provide value without asking anything in return. This way, potential clients have already seen how you can help them.

Stay in touch. Who was your best friend in first grade? If you remember, it’s probably only because you stayed friends. Relationships fade over time, so if you want leads to remember you, you have to communicate with them consistently.

Your customers have plenty of options. What will bring them to you isn’t just what you can offer, but their relationship with you. Make it a positive one!

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